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Domain Stories is a podcast of real domain name stories hosted by Alan Dunn. Alan is Managing Director of NameCorp® with over 20 years experience in the domain name industry and well over $50 million in domain name sales. Also published on TechCrunch, Business Insider, Quartz and more. Listen to Alan share stories, go deep inside million dollar sales and hear from industry experts and Founders around the world. More on Alan here.

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Inside 3 Big Deals with Mark Daniel and Alan Dunn

Go inside 3 big domain name deals with Alan Dunn, Mark Daniel and special guest Wendy Leung. Hear how a seller was found by a random text message on a TV show, how a deal was agreed upon but the seller decided to sell the whole company instead of the domain (to someone else!) and more. 3 domain name industry pros dive deep into a few complex transactions.

Alan Dunn and Mark Daniel talk about domain names

Inside a $5,000,000 domain name sale: Be a coach. Not a hero.

Ever wonder what happens when negotiating a multi-million dollar domain name sale?

Hear Alan Dunn talk about a $5 million domain name transaction from start to finish. Learn how the engagement happened, why blood diamonds were not an option for payment, offers made during negotiation, where the deal stonewalled and how a sudden change of course ultimately executed the deal.

Inside a $5 million domain name sale

Domain name due diligence with Dr. John Berryhill, PhD

Alan Dunn talks with Dr. John Berryhill, Ph.d., one of the world’s leading domain name attorneys, about domain name ownership due diligence and more. A must listen for anyone interested in buying a domain name on the aftermarket. Some topics discussed include:

  • Who really owns a domain name?
  • What is a buyer really purchasing?
  • How can a buyer lookup ownership on domains affected by new data privacy laws such as the GDPR?
  • Is it possible for a buyer to ensure title?
  • Do services like typically warrant good title on a domain?
  • What can a buyer do to protect themselves when buying a domain name?
Domain Name Due Diligence

Buying a domain name – Why strategy matters

Strategy matters when it comes to acquiring almost any asset. However, domain name values are more arbitrary than most assets and your acquisition strategy can make or break a deal.

What happens when you employ the wrong strategy?

Hear Alan discuss two transactions which resulted in very expensive cautionary tales.

  • A 404 that earned a million dollars.
  • The broker who didn’t listen.
Buying a domain name - why strategy matters


Reported domain name sales: Do they matter?
How much is a domain name worth?
Do you really need the perfect .com domain name?
Domain Stories with Alan Dunn


Hear Alan Dunn, a 20-year industry veteran, talk about domain names, interview founders and discuss some of the most common and complex questions about domain names today. A new Podcast for 2020 so learning curves all around but if you like domains then Domain Stories is a Podcast for you. And yes, Alan knows he needs a new headshot.


The domain name industry has many interesting stories. We look for the good ones. Whether it’s going inside a million dollar sale, a 5-year hunt for a domain name owner or a $500,000 sale magically happening at a Phish concert.

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