Domain names are a foundation to online presence. Whether you run a Fortune 500 company or an ice-cream shop in Minnesota, if you want to be online then you almost always need a domain name. Some of the industry’s greatest news resources and tools are listed below.



DNJournal – The industry’s most respected source for reported domain name sales, stories and more.

Domain Name Wire

Published by Andrew Allemann, listen to a widely respected podcast and view domain name news.

Domain Investing

One of the most popular sites for current domain name news, stories and more.


DSAD is a popular blog that talks about domain names from the views of normal working guys.



Namebio provides a searchable database for most all reported domain names sales.

Domain IQ

DomainIQ provides comprehensive WHOIS data tools, monitoring services and more.

Domain Tools

Domain Tools help turn domain name and DNS data into threat intelligence.